The Joys of Being Single

Being single often gets a bad rap but it definitely has a lot of joys as well. Read The Joys of Being Single.

Let’s face it, being single gets a lot of bad press. With a mainstream show like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ representing all singles as lonely losers sitting at home crying to themselves on Saturday night or singing to sappy music aka Bridget Jones style, it’s time to start talking about the joys of being single. Yes, […]

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Stop Looking Behind You

Let go of the past, stop looking behind you and move your life forward.

It’s amazing how many thoughts pop into your head when you are in the shower. After talking to a close friend about her partner recently, it got me thinking about relationships and breakups. Mid-shower I started thinking about one of my ex-boyfriends who caused me a lot of pain back in the day. To be […]

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