know yourself

Who Are You Really Mad At?

When you are feeling angry sometimes you need to ask yourself – Who am I really mad at? As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I’m frustrated with myself I sometimes project that frustration onto other people. Sure the person may have done something minor to upset me but my level of anger or frustration still doesn’t add […]

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The Joys of Being Single

Being single often gets a bad rap but it definitely has a lot of joys as well. Read The Joys of Being Single.

Let’s face it, being single gets a lot of bad press. With a mainstream show like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ representing all singles as lonely losers sitting at home crying to themselves on Saturday night or singing to sappy music aka Bridget Jones style, it’s time to start talking about the joys of being single. Yes, […]

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Know Your Own Dark Side

Dark Side? Who me? Yes you. And no, I’m not talking about something out of Star Wars. Whether we like to admit it, we all have a dark side. Even the sweetest, nicest person has the odd moment when they don’t feel so sweet and nice. I’m talking about those moments when we feel jealous, envious, […]

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