know yourself

Know Your Own Dark Side

Dark Side? Who me? Yes you. And no, I’m not talking about something out of Star Wars. Whether we like to admit it, we all have a dark side. Even the sweetest, nicest person has the odd moment when they don’t feel so sweet and nice. I’m talking about those moments when we feel jealous, envious, […]

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Know Your Own Pressure Points

The importance of understanding and controlling your pressure points.

Each of us has certain emotional pressure points. If one of these pressure points is triggered we may become upset, sad, or even angry. Naturally, a lot of people can share the same pressure point. Examples would be people who don’t like to see animals mistreated or people who defend the rights and protection of […]

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Know Your Own Weaknesses

Why it's important to know your own weaknesses

We all have weaknesses. Even the most organized, compassionate, or entrepreneurial types have weaknesses. The key is to know your weaknesses and make them work to your advantage. Here are my tips on knowing and making the most of your weaknesses. For this exercise, have a pen and paper handy and jot down your thoughts. […]

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Know Your Own Values

It's important to know your own values and have a strong sense of self. Read Know your own values for how to better align your values with your life.

In line with my earlier Know Your Own Worth and Know Your Own Strength posts, I decided to follow-up with a post on why it is important to know and live by your own values. All too often we hand our lives over on a silver platter to other people. We morph into the person our partner […]

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