The Truth about Tough Love

Sometimes we need tough love to ditch our excuses, stop procrastinating and take action.

I emailed a friend a draft version of one of my posts recently, hoping to get her opinion on the piece. After speaking to her, I got the impression that she thought my words were a little harsh. After rereading the draft, I decided to delete some wording (which is the purpose of a draft […]

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Stop Looking Behind You

Let go of the past, stop looking behind you and move your life forward.

It’s amazing how many thoughts pop into your head when you are in the shower. After talking to a close friend about her partner recently, it got me thinking about relationships and breakups. Mid-shower I started thinking about one of my ex-boyfriends who caused me a lot of pain back in the day. To be […]

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The Myth of a Life with No Regrets

You will have regrets but it's your attitude about those regrets that matters. Read The Myth of a Life With No Regrets.

No Regrets You see it written everywhere. Personal development blogs and motivational quotes often push the live life with no regrets mantra. Here’s my take on that. It’s bull. Rubbish. Crapola. Disclosure – This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Any compensation I receive does […]

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