Do You Feel Invisible?

I heard a man comment recently that women over 50 were invisible. Ouch! That’s harsh. As someone who has just turned 50 (and is single), the comment was quite confronting. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time I’ve heard this comment about women. I’ve had several conversations with women who feel invisible after a certain age. […]

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Who Are You Really Mad At?

When you are feeling angry sometimes you need to ask yourself – Who am I really mad at? As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I’m frustrated with myself I sometimes project that frustration onto other people. Sure the person may have done something minor to upset me but my level of anger or frustration still doesn’t add […]

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The Truth about Tough Love

Sometimes we need tough love to ditch our excuses, stop procrastinating and take action.

I emailed a friend a draft version of one of my posts recently, hoping to get her opinion on the piece. After speaking to her, I got the impression that she thought my words were a little harsh. After rereading the draft, I decided to delete some wording (which is the purpose of a draft […]

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