3 Serious Communication Mistakes You Could be Making at Work

Be professional and protect your reputation by avoiding these 3 communication mistakes in the workplace. Read 3 Communication Mistakes you could be making at work.

Possessing good business communication skills is a key requirement in the workplace. Being able to communicate well is an essential ingredient to success, yet sometimes we slip up and make communication mistakes at work that can seriously affect our careers. Here are three communication mistakes you could be making at work. Disclosure – This post […]

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Is Loyalty in the Workplace Dead?

Does loyalty in the workplace still exist and if so who is being loyal to whom?

When interviewers ask in a job interview what are your strengths, one of my answers used to be that I am incredibly loyal. I don’t say that anymore – not because I’m not loyal to my manager and company but because I’m not convinced that loyalty is still viewed as a valuable commodity in the workplace. […]

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What Happens When You Discover Your Dream Job Isn’t What You Want?

When I first started Write Change Grow my professional goal was to become a successful full-time freelance writer writing for magazines, newspapers and online. I wanted to become a freelance writer. In the beginning, I spent a lot of time brainstorming articles, pitching, researching and of course, writing. It took a lot of going without, […]

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