12 Best Books on Having Better Conversations

Need help with a difficult conversation or want to be better at talking to people? There will be a book for you in this list. Read 12 Best Books on Having Better Conversations.

The way we interact and communicate with people is important. It’s important in our personal lives, our love lives, and of course our careers. The conversations we have with people have a huge impact on our lives. Some conversations are easy and free-flowing, whilst others can be more difficult. Some conversations are downright challenging. Communication […]

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For the Love of Books

What can I say - I love books. Read For the Love of Books.

Everyone has their favorite place to hang out, somewhere where they feel right at home. A place they feel relaxed simply by walking through the door. For me, that place is the bookstore. Last year during a trip to New York, when the crowds of woman shoppers got too much to handle in the clothing store, […]

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