Stop Comparing Yourself

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I learnt the hard way how to stop comparing myself, after far too many years of feeling insecure and unworthy.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of work on myself to turn that around and I am hoping that my thoughts and ideas might help you as well.

Life is so much better when you are not constantly comparing yourself to other people.

Of course it doesn’t mean you won’t have setbacks and challenges in life (everyone has those!) but hopefully it means that you might look at things differently when it comes to comparing yourself.

To help you get into the right mindset, below are some know your own worth, self-esteem related Write Change Grow posts to rev up your inspiration!

Know Your Own Worth

Know Your Own Worth – Even When it Feels Like the World Doesn’t Quite Agree With You

(I wrote the above post when I was going through a tough time job hunting. Job hunting is definitely a time when you need to fully understand and appreciate how amazing you are and what you have to offer).

Don’t Let Anyone Else Define Your Worth

Know Your Own Beauty

(Our looks is one area where many of us often feel vulnerable and consequently compare ourselves unfavorably. Read my 3 Part Know Your Beauty series to get more on board with your own beauty).

Make sure you don’t miss the WCG related comparison posts (you might have gotten to this page via one of these post but not have seen the others) – so here they are for your reading pleasure. 🙂

Don’t Compare Yourself to People on Social Media

(I think this one is an important post as comparing ourselves to people on Facebook, Instagram and the like has gotten to crazy levels.)

Stop Comparing Yourself – Uncover the Real Reason You Are Comparing

16 Thought-Provoking Comparison Quotes to Help You Stop Comparing

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