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Open Your Eyes

Sometimes we miss the most amazing things because we overlook them or see them so often. Open your eyes and take another look.

A funny thing happened to me when I visited Sydney recently. I noticed a church – St Andrew’s Cathedral to be exact. Was it a new church? Hardly! St Andrew’s was built in 1886 and renovated during 1999 – 2000. Having lived in Sydney for ten years I would have walked past this particular cathedral an […]

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Have You Reviewed Your Work Schedule Lately?

When I first started blogging I knew it was going to take up a lot of time. I knew there would be writing content, growing my email list, sourcing photos and lots more. What I didn’t realize was how long some of these tasks would take. I underestimated the work involved in maintaining a self-hosted […]

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Getting into the Head Space of a Writer

As a writer, blogger or content creator you are always on the look out for ideas. Read Getting Into the Headspace of a Writer.

I just got back from a four day girls weekend in Sydney. Having lived in Sydney for ten years, it’s always wonderful to go back. It’s like reconnecting with an old friend you haven’t seen in ages. Having time away from my home office was also divine. Having worked more weekends in a row lately […]

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An Interesting Exercise – Try it!

This is an interesting exercise. Try it for yourself, create your own personal timeline.

Working on a story recently, I had to remember the year I had taken a particular overseas trip.  Since I couldn’t recall the exact year easily, I decided to type up a few notes. The end result, by the time I had finished was a personal timeline overview of my life so far. All I did was make up a simple three column […]

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Feeling Tired? Sleep May Not be What You Need

I’ve been feeling tired lately. After 8 hours sleep, I climbed out of bed this morning feeling exhausted. After a session today with my coach I realized something interesting. My tiredness is not necessarily due to lack of sleep. It’s coming from a feeling of being completely overwhelmed and disorganized. Looking around my house, blog […]

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