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5 More Minimalist Blogs to Help Simplify Your Life

Want a simpler life? Read 5 More Minimalist Blogs to Help Simplify Your Life

As regular readers will know, I’ve been reading (and thoroughly enjoying) minimalist blogs lately. In the beginning, I think I started reading minimalist blogs out of curiosity. Financially I was interested in being more careful about how I spent my money. I was seeking ways to become more frugal. What I uncovered with minimalist blogs is so much more than simply being careful with […]

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Your 2011 Horoscope – Write Your Own Destiny

Horoscopes are fun but it's time to write your own destiny.

My best friend and I have a morning ritual. Each morning before I start work, I email both of our horoscopes to her to read (and naturally read them myself). This time of year is when the horoscopes for the new year generally start to appear. Often the year ahead is broken down into categories. The most popular ones being your career, […]

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