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5 Ways to Stop Taking Things Personally

Do you things too personally? Read 5 ways to stop taking things personally

I’ll be honest, an incident in my own life prompted this blog post. Recently a family member said something to me and I took it personally. I got upset and annoyed. I took the comment as a personal insult. Deep down I knew I was reacting irrationally after all the person never said anything bad […]

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How to Stop Overthinking

Overthinking? Does it stop you sleeping at night? Distracted when you are trying to relax? Read How to Stop Overthinking

I was talking to my Mum the other night and she mentioned that she has trouble sleeping because her mind doesn’t stop thinking. In a nutshell, she can’t stop overthinking. Mum mentioned something about not being able to control that, which immediately got my attention. The thing is we can control our thinking. We can control […]

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