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55 Affirmations for Self-Worth – Boosting Self-Worth With Affirmations

affirmations for self-worth

I have always loved a good inspirational quote (which you can see by the variety of quote posts here on Write Change Grow). But I haven’t always been a big fan of affirmations. Until now. These 55 affirmations for self-worth have me looking at affirmations in a new light. I believe the power of affirmations […]

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Finding Peace After a Toxic Relationship – How to Find the Peace You Deserve

finding peace after a toxic relationship

Toxic relationships can leave us feeling drained, insecure, and raw. Even when we are pleased to be out of a toxic relationship, we can still be left feeling vulnerable, lost, and unsure of ourselves. Finding peace after a toxic relationship takes work and a considerable investment in ourselves. But taking the time to work on […]

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When Life Gets Hard – 24 Things to Remember During Hard Times

when life gets hard

Life can be hard. No spoiler alert there folks! We all know this from experience. While the definition of hardship may vary from person to person, when life gets hard we all have to deal with problems. No one gets out unscathed. Everyone has challenges. I am experiencing a whole life-gets-hard situation right now. At […]

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Not Everyone Will Like You – 5 Reasons Why That is Perfectly Okay

Here’s a fact, not everyone will like you. Now before you go freaking out, here’s something important to remember. It’s perfectly okay that not everyone you meet likes you. For starters, it’s not a realistic expectation. People like different things, so they will like different people as well. The other important thing to remember is […]

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