Personal Growth

At Write Change Grow personal growth is about self-improvement, dealing with our thoughts and emotions, learning from our mistakes, and becoming a better person.

Personal growth is about doing more of what helps us move forward in life and less of what holds us back. More getting to know our true selves and focusing on what’s important in our lives – less comparison, self-sabotage, and putting ourselves and others down.

Working on your personal growth and growing as a person isn’t always easy but it’s always worth it!

Browse through personal growth and self-improvement articles to help you become the person you know you were meant to be.

My Personal Mantra

Do you have a personal mantra? Read Why You Need a Personal Mantra?

After returning to my full-time personal assistant role, I had a lot less time on my hands. I had to do some serious thinking about how I spent my time.  More importantly, I had to examine where I was making the wrong choices and what behaviors were holding me back. I basically had to shine a spotlight on my […]

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Changing Jobs

Changing jobs can be an interesting time. For people who have been with their company for a long time, change can sometimes be more challenging. We may find ourselves welcoming our new opportunity, yet struggling to fully let go of our current situation. This week one of my work colleagues is leaving after roughly 3 years […]

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