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For the Love of Books

What can I say - I love books. Read For the Love of Books.

Everyone has their favorite place to hang out, somewhere where they feel right at home. A place they feel relaxed simply by walking through the door. For me, that place is the bookstore. Last year during a trip to New York, when the crowds of woman shoppers got too much to handle in the clothing store, […]

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Finish What You Start

The Importance of Finishing What You Start

In 2000 I was living in London, in a rundown flat in Kilburn with my boyfriend and his best friend. For me London was not your typical working holiday experience. Because of my age (I was over the eligible visa limit) and the fact that I had no special skills, I was unable to apply […]

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Email or Telephone?

Years ago when I first start freelancing, I noticed in the first few weeks I hardly ever made work related phone calls. I do remember there was one very long and frustrating call trying to clear up a problem with my computer but I don’t think that counts. Come to think of it, in the […]

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