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Testing Work Life Balance

Testing work life balance

The term work-life balance has been around for a while. As is the case with popular phrases, they tend to be overused. Everyone seems to be chasing this elusive balance, yet in fact, many of us are working longer hours than ever before. When I first started working for myself as a freelancer, my brother and I […]

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7 Bad Work Habits to Avoid

It doesn’t matter whether you work for someone else or work for yourself, it can be easy to slip into bad work habits. Here are 7 to avoid for better productivity and more work satisfaction. Procrastinating Unfortunately the big fat report you have been dreading working on is not going to write itself.  Putting it […]

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Generating fiction ideas

How to Generate Ideas for Writing Fiction

As a fiction writer, you may have several ways of generating story ideas. Below are some of my tips on how to generate ideas for writing fiction. Which ones can you relate to?  Your family history Some of my best short story ideas have come from my mother. Not that she realized she was my […]

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