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How to be Happy at the Office

Want to be happier at work? Read my 12 tips on how to be happy at work.

Sometimes I write about a particular topic to help me through something I’m having trouble with. This is definitely one of those posts! This post was triggered by the fact that I’m struggling being back in the office (after taking extended leave). This struggle lead me to thinking how the situation can be improved. It had […]

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The Importance of Hitting Deadlines

Regardless of your job title or what you do for a living, you will most likely have to work to deadlines of some description, which is why it’s vital to understand the importance of hitting deadlines at work. Working as an Executive Assistant meeting deadlines is essential. The scary thing is how many people are […]

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Travel Envy Green

Feel like everyone is traveling but you? Need some travel motivation? Read Websites to Help with Travel Envy

As many of you know I love to travel. Unfortunately with my current work and financial situation traveling overseas will be taking a back seat (at least for now!) Quite a few of my family and friends however are off on overseas adventures. Here is a quick list of who is going where. A male […]

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