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Why Do You Work?

Why Do You Work? What do you get from going to work? Here are 11 reasons we get up and go to work. Which ones can you relate to the most?

Why do we work? What makes us get up and go to work? What about you personally – why do you work? Do you work just for the money or do you fully appreciate the purpose and joy that work can bring? My nephew recently started his first full-time job which got me thinking about what […]

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New York Here I Come!

Last week I teased you with my announcement of exciting news. Well here it is. I am heading off for two weeks holiday to New York in September. Yes I’m heading back to New York, one of my favorite cities in the world. As a lover of big cities, they don’t get more hectic, ballsy […]

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You Have Choices

You have choices. Some hard, some easy, many we do without even thinking.

Ahhhh choices we make so many of them every day. Some are easy, some hard, some we barely even think about they are so habitual. Choices can be heartbreaking, exciting, challenging, and life-changing. Sometimes those big life-changing choices mean we have to cope with some short-term pain before we get to the good stuff. The […]

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