Know Your Worth

Your self-worth is your inner core – your bright shining internal light.

Knowing your worth means respecting and loving yourself. It’s about knowing you deserve respect from others as well as from yourself.

Knowing your worth helps you when people criticize and judge you. Self-worth is what keeps you going after a setback in life.

Read through posts on improving your self-worth, increasing your self-confidence, loving and accepting yourself (even when times get tough), and overcoming your self-doubt.

Know your own worth. Always.

Know Your Own Worth

It's vitally important that you know your own worth. Read Know Your Own Worth.

I haven’t always had the best relationships with men. Years ago I had an epiphany. I remember asking myself – why does such and such (best to leave out names) treat me like this? At that moment, the answer was painfully obvious and hit me like a lightning bolt. Because I let him. This realization was […]

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Be Prepared for Resistance

Making a big life change - best to be prepared for resistance.

When it comes to making a big change in your life, you may need to be prepared for resistance from other people. While you may be excited about your big life change, the people closest to you might not share the same enthusiasm. Regardless of whether your life change is moving to another city (or […]

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