Know Your Worth

Your self-worth is your inner core – your bright shining internal light.

Knowing your worth means respecting and loving yourself. It’s about knowing you deserve respect from others as well as from yourself.

Knowing your worth helps you when people criticize and judge you. Self-worth is what keeps you going after a setback in life.

Read through posts on improving your self-worth, increasing your self-confidence, loving and accepting yourself (even when times get tough), and overcoming your self-doubt.

Know your own worth. Always.

Know Your Own Values

It's important to know your own values and have a strong sense of self. Read Know your own values for how to better align your values with your life.

In line with my earlier Know Your Own Worth and Know Your Own Strength posts, I decided to follow-up with a post on why it is important to know and live by your own values. All too often we hand our lives over on a silver platter to other people. We morph into the person our partner […]

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