Dealing with adversity

Friends And Money

Do your friends have more money than you? Do you find yourself on a different financial path to your friends? Read what to do when your friends have more money than you.

I’m currently on a strict budget and have stripped my life of buying things I don’t need or really want. What’s interesting is that at the moment most of my friends are heading in the opposite financial direction to me. Many are getting higher paying jobs, bigger houses, more expensive cars (one of my friends […]

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How to Deal with Social Structures at Work

How to Deal with Social Cliques at Work

Are you happy with the company you work for, yet find yourself having a few problems with your fellow employees? Do you find yourself having to deal with social cliques at work? Let’s be honest, employees can form into tight-knit social cliques. Whether a by-product of people working closely together or people forming friendships at work that extend outside […]

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