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My mission here at Write Change Grow is to inform, inspire and motivate anyone seeking to change or improve their life.

I aim to empower you to be open to opportunity and to live on your own terms.

Write Change Grow is about facing your fears. It’s about challenging your perceptions. This blog is about having the strength, knowledge, and guts to go after your heart’s desire.

I share helpful tips on growing as a person, coping with change, overcoming setbacks and pursuing your own individual version of freedom. It’s about turning ideas into action.

As a passionate traveler, I also throw in travel adventures and tips to get you motivated to explore.

I love books and reading and share my thoughts on great books, eBooks, websites and blogs that I think you might find informative, insightful and fun.

I’m all about making this personal growth stuff as fun and interesting as possible!

What’s my story?

My name is Thea Easterby.

I’ve always loved writing but somehow managed to find an excuse to put it on the back burner.

Thankfully, that all changed in 2006 when I decided to hire a personal coach. At the time, I needed help finishing an online writing course I had started overseas.

Coaching provided a pivotal turning point in my life.

In February 2011, after a lot of planning and sacrifice, I took a massive leap of faith and resigned from my admin position so that I could work from home as a full-time freelance writer and blogger.

I learned a lot but to be honest, I made a lot of mistakes as well. In 2013 I found myself heading back to admin work questioning whether I wanted to continue freelancing.

Imagine my surprise after all that hard work, that being a freelance writer wasn’t want I wanted to do!

I realized what I really wanted to do was help people through my blog. I wanted to help people with their personal growth and knowing their worth so they can live happier lives.

I learned the hard way to know my own worth so now I do I want to share the love! If I can make the know your worth journey easier for my readers, I’m all for that.

I understand there are times when life can be scary and overwhelming. I know there are moments when you feel like you have lost your way.

I want to empower you to get back on track and move through those moments – to move into a place of self-fulfillment and joy.

As I forge my new path, I am constantly growing as a person.  The lessons I learn from my successes, failures, triumphs, and disappointments will be shared with you on this blog.

I welcome you aboard to share your goals, hopes, and dreams. I know, in turn, I will learn from you and be inspired by your stories and courage.

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