affirmations for confidence Today I want to dive into some affirmations for confidence and believing in yourself. So what are affirmations and how can they improve our lives?

Affirmations are sentences or phrases that we say to ourselves. As a general rule, it helps to used affirmations regularly, though some can be used at times when we need them the most. Daily repetition helps affirmations become more powerful.

Personally, I feel that affirmations work best when we have some belief in them (even if we are not 100% all in). It helps if we can relate to the affirmation in some way.

These 65 affirmations for confidence can work as stepping stones to improving your confidence. I also think the more you personalize affirmations to suit yourself and your situation the more effective they will be.

A key part of confidence is based on taking action. When we take action we complete our projects and achieve our goals.  Our confidence grows when we step out of our comfort zone and have a win (even a small one). Learning new things also helps to build confidence.

We grow more confident by having consistent wins that prove what we are capable of. Of course, the big wins certainly help too. 🙂

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Let’s dive into 65 affirmations for confidence and believing in yourself.

Feeling confident

I value myself.
I am worthy of love (from myself and others).
I am enough (Always was, always will be).
I am proud of myself.
I embrace my vulnerability. My vulnerability is not something I need to apologize for.
I embrace my uniqueness and individuality.
My happiness is important to me.
I am confident with my looks and appearance (grey hair, wrinkles, and all).
I am more than how I look. My looks do not define who I am as a person.
I am confident enough to know when I need to rest and relax.

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Being authentic

I express my true self regularly.
I do not bend myself into a pretzel to fit in with other people.
I am confident enough not to be a people-pleaser
I am confident enough to ask for help when I need it.
I choose who I am (other people don’t define me, especially strangers who know nothing about me).
I do not need to be perfect to be worthy of love or to feel confident.
I understand I won’t feel confident all of the time but I work on maintaining healthy levels of confidence.

Confidence to grow and move forward in life

I consistently work on my self-improvement.
I understand that self-love and self-improvement go hand in hand.
I am not broken or someone who needs to be fixed, simply because I want to improve myself.
I am confident that I will learn from my mistakes.
I have the confidence to own my mistakes.
My mistakes do not make me a failure.
I have the confidence to move past my failures (even if I struggle a little bit in the beginning). I am compassionate and kind to myself when I make a mistake.

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I am self-aware enough to realize when I start beating myself up mentally (and know how to make myself stop).
I am capable of growing as a person.
I have the confidence to build strong relationships with the people I love.
I have the confidence to meet and talk to new people.
I have the confidence to make new friends and maintain those friendships.
I have the confidence to travel by myself.
I enjoy my own company and feel confident when I am on my own.
I am aware of my bad habits (too much-streaming anyone!) and work hard to minimize my bad habits.

Confidence to change

I can change my bad habits. I appreciate it takes time and hard work to change but I can make it happen.
I embrace change and know I can change when I need to.
I understand big life changes can be difficult but I am confident that I can face them head on.

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Emotions and confidence

My feelings and emotions matter.
I can be a sensitive person without having to apologize for my feelings or emotions.
I do not need anyone’s permission to feel confident and happy.
I do not need anyone’s permission to make myself a priority in my own life.
I will not let my negative self-talk control my life.
I can be assertive and stick up for myself without overacting or hurting other people.
I can self-validate and do not need people to validate my confidence and self-worth.
Self-doubt is temporary. I know myself and I know how to break free from feelings of self-doubt.
I can doubt myself but still feel confident that I will achieve my goal.

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Confidence to work through challenges

I learn and grow with every life challenge even if that learning process takes longer than I would like it to!
I am confident in my ability to overcome challenges.
I believe in my ability to work through challenges (even when it’s incredibly hard).
When I am faced with a challenge I try not to hide from it or go into denial.

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I believe in perseverance and know I have the confidence to keep going.
I am consistent when it comes to working through my problems.
I trust in my ability to pick myself back up after a setback.
I can be upset by life’s circumstances but still be confident in my ability to work through my issues.
I understand that my confidence can take a hit during tough times but that does not mean I won’t bounce back.
I don’t put pressure on myself on my dark days. I understand that at certain times I won’t feel as confident as I would like.

Success and confidence

I am capable of achieving my goals and dreams.
I can make good decisions in my life.
I choose my version of success. I am confident in my ability to take action on the things that are important to me.

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I am an action taker (even if sometimes there is some procrastination involved).
I take action even when I doubt myself and feel scared.
I am not scared of trying new things. I actively seek out new adventures.
My goals are an important part of my life and I regularly work towards them.
I find joy and happiness in other people’s success. Other people’s success does not affect my confidence.
I am confident enough to try new things regularly.
I know how to motivate and encourage myself to take action.

Affirmations for confidence

I hope you enjoyed these affirmations for confidence. Use these confidence affirmations regularly. Let repetition work in your favor. Make sure you personalize the affirmations so that they relate to you. Feel free to customize the affirmations to make them your own.

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