I’ve got an important question for you – are you bringing negative energy into your life?

This question isn’t just about whether you are a negative or positive person overall.

It’s about whether you are regularly bringing negative energy into your life through your behavior and your thoughts.

You might be bringing negative energy into your life without even realizing it.

Throughout this post, I suggest books on helping you reduce your negative energy as well as books on bringing more positive energy and joy into your life.

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Here are 3 ways to stop bringing negative energy into your life.

Stop anticipating the next crisis

Are you constantly waiting for the next crisis to occur in your life?

Even worse do you frequently talk about the next thing that will go wrong? (Notice I used the word ‘will’ and not ‘could’, because when we are bringing negative energy into our lives we’re sure that bad things will happen).

Do you often find yourself saying or thinking any of the below –

What else can go wrong?
What’s the next disaster going to be?
What’s going to go wrong today?
Bad things come in threes, so something else bad is going to happen! What will it be?

It doesn’t matter if you are saying these things out loud or in your head, they’re still bringing negative energy.

While you might not be willing the problem into your life (as it probably won’t happen anyway), you are willing negative energy in your life.

That negative energy can cause anxiety and stress.

From another perspective, if you are saying these things out loud to other people, you aren’t only bringing negative energy into your life but you are also sharing it and spreading negativity to other people.

While this sort of negative energy sharing won’t affect some people (some might jump on board for a good doom and gloom session of their own), there will be some people affected by your negative energy sharing.

Highly sensitive people, for instance, may struggle to shake off your negative energy.

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Bad stuff happens, we all know that. And it’s perfectly fine to feel sad, disappointed or upset when it does.

But constantly anticipating things going wrong and assuming everything is going to turn to sh*t is NOT going to make for a happy, joyful life. Waiting for the next crappy thing to happen is going to make you anxious and on edge.

My thought – Stop throwing negativity out into the universe and it might stop throwing it back at you. 

Stop making everything into a huge drama

When we’re stressed, we can sometimes get caught up in catastrophic thinking.

In short, we see everything as a drama. Every little issue turns into a massive problem.

When you see drama in everything, you might also have the tendency to make a bigger drama out of things that really aren’t that dramatic.

Whilst I respect that each of us has our own problems and what is a small problem to one person can be a big problem to someone else, try not to make a mountain out of a molehill with every issue that comes your way.

Save the drama for your big-ticket items. Sadness and loss find us, don’t go looking for extra trouble in the trivial things that don’t really matter.

Your body and mind will be grateful (and a lot less stressed).

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Stop jumping to the worst-case scenario

Do you constantly jump to the worst-case scenario every time something goes even the slightest bit wrong?

Turning everything into a huge drama and jumping to the worst-case scenario, unfortunately, go hand in hand.

As you can imagine is not a ton of fun!

In Sarah Knight’s book, Calm the F*ck Down, Sarah talks about taming your anxiety and taking control of your life.

Sarah breaks situations (known as sh*tstorms) down into categories. The categories are highly unlikely, possible but not likely, likely, highly likely, and inevitable.

Your job is to work out where your situation actually sits on the storm scale and then work out what you want to do about it.

Once you have asked yourself a few questions and answered them honestly, you’ll have a better chance of calming down and moving forward.

Life is too short to spend all of your time stressing about the highly unlikely side of life.

By limiting the negative energy we bring to our lives, we open ourselves up to opportunities and possibilities, even when it comes to our problems.

Stop bringing negative energy into your life and watch the quality of your life improve.

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