The Importance of Having the Right Equipment

I’m writing this post using my shiny new laptop.

I wasn’t planning on buying a new laptop but my old laptop had other plans!

Over the last couple of months, my old laptop has slowly been going downhill. First, there was a problem with the power cord/charger which decided charging at its own discretion was a fine idea.

Then the main battery had a problem and my laptop became a computer that I couldn’t take off power for more than 30 minutes without the battery draining completely (which isn’t great news when your charger refuses to charge).

There were times I was scared to turn the laptop on at all because I wasn’t sure if it would charge.

After hours on the phone with my service provider, I learned that WiFi wasn’t interacting with my crappy laptop, so it was back to the blue cord for my internet connection.

Speaking of blue, I started getting the blue screen of death. At first, it was the occasional crash but before long it was every second day. I started panicking that I was going to lose my entire hard drive.

As a writer, I am super precious about my data since I have years of writing projects on my laptop ranging from blog post ideas to book outlines.  I have a lot of work in progress that I would be devastated if I lost.

It goes without saying during the decline of my laptop, doing my job was getting harder and harder. Everything was taking much longer than it should have and my stress levels were going through the roof!

After the blue screens started, I knew I needed a new laptop.

You might be wondering why the hell it took me so long?

There were a couple of reasons I resisted buying a new laptop. I was desperately trying to get my new book finished and the thought of taking time away from it felt overwhelming.  I kept thinking, if I can just get the book launched then I will buy a new laptop.

I made the mistake of wanting to wait for the right time.

Then there was the money. I kept telling myself – I can’t afford a new laptop right now.

What I should have been saying was I can’t afford NOT to buy a new laptop right now!

Another thing that held me back was the work that’s involved going from one computer to the other. There’s no help desk to come grab my computer before I leave for work in the afternoon and bring it back to me tomorrow set up and ready to go.  I had to consider transferring data, software requirements and reinstalling programs.

Though money was a factor, I didn’t want to rush out and buy a cheap laptop that wouldn’t last. In my haste to get a new laptop, I didn’t want to buy something that couldn’t provide the power or memory that I needed.  I did some research, spoke to a person I trust who knows a hell of a lot more about computers than I do, then I made my purchase.

The whole experience has reminded me of the importance of having the right equipment.

Having the right equipment is essential for getting the job done.

It’s not just about money, it’s not just about productivity, it’s also about avoiding unnecessary stress.

Faulty equipment can cause a lot of stress. Come to think of it, my old laptop crashed on several occasions while working on my new book and I lost work. All up, I lost at least 8 hours of work on my book, plus countless hours of lost time. That would not have happened if I had updated my laptop earlier.

I am totally loving my new laptop. It’s incredibly fast, it’s working on WiFi (bye-bye blue cord running through my townhouse), the battery life is incredible which means I am no longer chained to my desk. I can work out in my courtyard if I like. I can’t wait to take it for a spin up to my local cafe where I can write over a pot of tea and a delicious cupcake.

Man, I wish I had done this sooner – you were waiting for that one weren’t you!

Now that I have my new laptop and a renewed sense of motivation (meaning a whole lot less stress and aggravation in my daily life), I can’t wait to finish off existing projects and dive head first into new ones.

The cool part, I will be able to work on a project without having the laptop crash while I grab a cup of tea. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s the little things that fill us with joy…….

What are you putting up with that is stifling your productivity?

What are you putting up with that is causing you unnecessary stress on a regular basis?

It might not be your laptop, it could easily be something else.

Isn’t it time for an upgrade? Isn’t it time to fully appreciate that having the right equipment can make all the difference?

If I can save one person from the drama that has been my old laptop over the last couple of months, this blog post will be totally worth it!

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