Focus on Your Strengths Not on Your Weaknesses

As I was working on edits to my new eBook yesterday (stay tuned for more news on the big launch coming soon) I realized an important mistake people make when it comes to personal growth.

It dawned on me that with personal growth we often start in the wrong place, with the wrong mindset.

We start by thinking something is wrong with us.

When talk turns to improvement and growth it usually turns to our weaknesses. It turns to our flaws and things we consider wrong or bad about ourselves that we want to change.

For years my chief driver was working on my weaknesses. Now I realize I had it backward. If you start with your weaknesses, you’ve already mentally taken a backward step.

I say we turn that on its head and start thinking differently. It’s time to stop focusing on your weaknesses.

Instead, focus on your strengths.

Focus on supercharging your existing strengths. Get passionate about maximizing your strengths and having them work harder for you.

Most importantly – stop thinking of yourself as something broken that has to be fixed.

Not sure what your strengths are exactly? Head over to to take their strengths finder assessment. There is a small fee involved but it’s worth doing. In case you’re wondering, I’m not an affiliate so I don’t get a commission for suggesting the assessment, I just found it really interesting!

Most likely your strengths will be different from what you expected. I know mine were! They were also incredibly insightful.

We all have weaknesses and we all have flaws. We all have our struggles and setbacks in life. We also all have incredible strengths, talents, and abilities. We each have our own way of enriching our lives as well as the lives of the people around us. We all have something to contribute to the world.

We sometimes fail to recognize and fully appreciate this fact when we spend too much time in the shadows and not enough time in the light. View personal growth as shining a light on everything that is great about you!

You are not broken.

You may need time to heal but you are not broken.

Shine a positive spotlight on your personal growth and self-help instead of a negative one. Start seeing personal growth as a source of joy and abundance instead of one of suffering or inadequacy.

Focus on improving your strengths. Maximize your talents. Get motivated and inspired by what you excel in. Get busy doing the stuff you are great at!

Make it a joy to become the best version of yourself.

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