Today I want to focus on the things you love about your life. This post is about being grateful and excited about all the amazing things in our lives. Often we get so caught up in our responsibilities and challenges that we forget about all the amazing people and parts of our lives. We often focus more on what we don’t have instead of what we do.

It’s time to shake things up. Today’s exercise is – 50 Things You Love About Your Life.

Fifty might sound like a lot but once you break it down into 10 categories, it’s only a couple for each one, so super easy, but also super inspiring!

50 Things You Love About Your Life

Let’s get started. For the best results, it would be good if you could write down your answers, so grab your journal or whatever you like to write in.

I’ve put some general ideas after each one to get you thinking, just in case you need some inspiration. Feel free to ignore them if they are not relevant to you.

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper and be more specific about something that you love. It doesn’t matter what you put down as long as it’s positive and uplifting!

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5 things you love about yourself

What do you love about yourself?

It could be your sense of humor, your courage, your adventurous nature, or how easygoing you are. You might be fun to be around or compassionate towards others.

You might love to travel, be curious, creative, intuitive, smart, sexy, intelligent, or spontaneous. You might see both sides of a story. You might be organized, fiercely independent, self-disciplined, caring, sweet, or positive.

If you are struggling with this one, you are probably being too hard on yourself. Stop that right now and give me the first five things that you think of off the top of your head.

Don’t think too hard (if you are having a problem you could be overthinking it).

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5 things you love about your home

Our homes are our castle and our sanctuary and no you don’t have to have a big home to fit that bill. It’s not how big your home is, it’s how it makes you feel.

Here are a few ideas on why you might love your home.

It’s safe, it’s cozy, it’s where you grew up, it’s where you raised your family, it’s where you can be yourself and relax, it’s full of people and love, it’s where you live by yourself which you love, it’s where your beautiful pets are, it’s where you socialize with friends and family, it’s big enough for your family, it’s small (just the way you like it).

You might love that your home holds your treasured possessions and memories, it’s beautifully decorated, it’s a minimalist style, it’s warm, it’s welcoming, and it’s all yours.

What are the things you love most about your home?

5 things you love about your family

What do you love about your family?

You may have children that you love with all your heart or parents you respect and adore.

When it comes to your family, they love you, they support you, they help you with stuff around the house, they help with the kids, they support you financially, and they provide strength and encouragement.

You might have a rich family heritage or history. Your family might share your religion. They might share your beliefs and values.

When I say ‘they’ or ‘family’ feel free to substitute a particular person who supports you. You may be closer to some family members than others. Families can get large (and let’s face it complicated) so we can’t expect them all to be supportive, all the time.

Remember family doesn’t have to mean blood relatives. Our family are the ones who love and support us and who we love in return, so if you don’t have any blood relatives or aren’t close to them, write about the people you are close to.

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5 things you love about your friends

I would be lost without my incredible friends so I am super passionate about this one.

Your friends listen to you, they support you when you have a problem. They make you laugh. They hold you when you cry.

You might love traveling with your friends, you might love camping, you might love going to the movies or dinner. You might love chats over coffee or laughs over a glass of wine. You might love that they share your values or that someone, in particular, makes you laugh so hard you cry happy tears.

You might love a friend’s quirkiness or that they can find something positive in every situation.

Cherish and be grateful for your friends.

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5 things you love about your job

What do you love about your job?

You love the work that you do. You might enjoy the people you work with. You might love the fact that you make a lot of money or love that you get to help people and change their lives through your work.

You might have a fabulous boss or a great personal assistant that you are truly grateful for. (Believe me, if you have a great boss, make sure you appreciate them because there are a lot of terrible bosses out there!)

You might work outdoors, work with your hands, or help animals for a living. You might be a leader in your field. You could work flexible hours or get to be creative on a daily basis. You may be inventive and innovative.

You might work for yourself and run your own show.

We work for a large part of our lives, so make sure you appreciate the best parts of what you do for a living.

5 things you love about your relationship

It will be easy to find 5 things you love about your partner.

I’m sure there’s a lot of great stuff to work with. If you’ve been married for a while and things are feeling a bit stale, I hope this exercise ignites a spark between you and your partner.

If you are single write about the 5 things you are great at when you are in a relationship and/or what you add to a relationship. I’m single so I’ll offer up an example. You are open and honest. You are trustworthy. You make your partner laugh. You are supportive of their goals and dreams. You accept your partner as they are without trying to change them.

It’s important that we don’t take our relationships for granted. Now is the time to embrace the amazing things you love about your partner and your relationship.

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5 things you love about your body

Go crazy with this one and feel free to write more than 5, because let’s face it, we are often way too harsh on ourselves when it comes to our bodies.

So please, go all-in with this one and list lots of things you love about your body.

You might have fabulous hair, great legs, a toned stomach, incredible nails, beautiful eyes, lovely skin, a gorgeous smile.

You might love your height, your body shape, your teeth, your lips, and your energy.

You love that you can walk, jump, run, and move your body. You love your strength, your muscle tone, and your little stomach roll (yep you should love that too since it’s part of you).

If you aren’t feeling the love for your body or looks, I have some blog posts that might help.

5 things you love about your mind

Time to get those amazing brains working to think of the great things you love about your mind.

Here are some ideas.

You love that you are creative, you are great with numbers, you have a good memory, you are great at design, you can switch easily from one topic to another or you love that you think logically. You could love that you express yourself clearly and love that you can communicate easily with a wide range of people.

You might love to write, be a good communicator, or love that you pick up new skills easily.

We often have so many amazing skills and talents that we never acknowledge or give ourselves credit for. Now is the time to change that. Embrace the magic that is in your mind.

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5 things you love about your emotions and feelings

Our emotions can occasionally get us into trouble but more importantly, they bring incredible moments into our lives as well.

Let’s look at some of the things you love about your emotions and feelings.

You express your emotions openly. You are empathetic. You are honest.

You are in control of your emotions when you get angry. You rarely get angry. You are stubborn in a way that benefits you. You are persistent. You are loving. You’re patient.

You’re forgiving. You don’t hold grudges. You bounce back quickly after setbacks.

Our feelings and emotions play a huge part in our lives. Learning to process our emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a healthy way can change our lives.

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5 things you love about your day-to-day life

Sometimes we take the day-to-day stuff for granted because we are too busy rushing through our day to stop and think about what we love about it.

Get really personal with this one and put your own slant on your day-to-day actions.

For me, this one would be a cup of tea out in my courtyard listening to the wind in the trees or the satisfying feeling I get after a massively productive day, or the feeling of excitement I get when a blog post is published.

I love talking to my Mum every day to see how she is doing. I love that I can inspire and help people via this blog!

What do you love about your day-to-day life?

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Loving your life

You might be wondering what’s the point of this exercise.

It’s to get you feeling positive and all loved up about your life because no matter what’s happening in our lives there is always something to be grateful for, something to be happy about, and lots that we love.

Even when times get hard. Even when life is difficult. Remembering and fully embracing the wonderful things in our lives is even more important during times of hardship.

Sometimes we are so busy working, existing, and pushing for more that we fail to see what we already have. This exercise is about bringing what we love out into the light. I hope you love the rest of your day.

If you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends. They might need reminding today just how much they love their lives!

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