Be accountable. Take responsibility. Stop letting yourself off the hook.

I wrestled with writing this post.

In the past, I have been notoriously bad at beating myself up when I didn’t take action on something important I planned to do.

I’m only now learning to be gentler and kinder to myself, so writing a post about not letting yourself off the hook was difficult.

But this post has me thinking that there are definitely times when we need to give ourselves a good (albeit kind) kick up the butt to get us moving.

Sometimes we definitely need to stop letting ourselves off the hook. 

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Just to be clear this post is about the big tickets actions you need to be taking, the ones that will help you achieve your goals. I’m definitely not talking about small stuff like doing the dishes.

It’s easy to come up with excuses for not doing what we want to do or what we know we should be doing.

There are countless reasons to procrastinate and humans are pretty good at justifying their excuses. We become experts at lying to ourselves.

The truth is that sometimes we need to show ourselves some tough love and stop letting ourselves off the hook.

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So how do we know when we are beating ourselves up too much and when we should be digging deep and pushing ourselves harder?

Trusting your gut is the key.

Deep down I know when I have let myself down. I know when I didn’t deliver on a promise I made to myself (or to my readers).

I feel it in the pit of my stomach. I feel unsettled and cranky but I’m not really sure why.

I sometimes credit my disappointment to other people’s actions but I have come to realize it’s nothing to do with other people.

It’s how I feel when I know my actions and behavior are not in line with my values.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to be better.

Do you know when you need to ditch the excuses and get in and do the work? Do you know when you need to stop letting yourself off the hook and take responsibility for your actions?

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