Love is powerful. Time to get your unconditional love on!

I love my cat unconditionally.

When he accidentally throws up on my bed at 3 in the morning, I clean up after him and comfort him until he goes back to sleep. Because of his history before living with me (he was mistreated, abandoned or both) I always treat him with kindness. I raise my voice if he bites me but I would never hit him.

I am patient, forgiving and accepting with him.

So why am I talking about how much I love my cat? Because it lead me to an amazing epiphany about myself!

He got me thinking about the power of unconditional love, which lead me to a very important and life-changing question.

Why can’t I feel that way about myself?

Why can’t I love myself unconditionally?

Since I started this blog in 2010, I have been consistently working on improving of level of self-love, yet I think this was the first time it has all really sunk in.

I finally get it! Sing if from the rooftops people.

We all know how transformational and powerful love can be, yet so often we channel that power towards someone or something else.

We rarely channel the power of unconditional love towards ourselves.

I decided that’s what I was going to do.

I made the decision in that magical moment to love myself unconditionally.

I decided to be kinder to myself. I decided to not beat myself up when I make a mistake and to be accepting and gentle to myself because I deserve it. Because I know my own worth. Because I deserve to be treated with respect.

Sometimes it is all about making a decision and running with it.

We choose to love ourselves. We let go of all of our bullshit.

Do I need to constantly work on it? Do I occasionally fall off the unconditional love wagon? Of course. Sometimes when I am having a tough day, I have to remind myself of my unconditional love commitment and get myself on track.

Humans have an amazing capacity for love. It’s time to harness that unconditional love and create a beautiful, caring life for yourself.

You, the people in your life (and even your pets) will rejoice.

Having trouble getting started. Think of 5 ways right that you can be more loving and accepting of yourself and put them into practice TODAY!

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