Sometimes it's not the change itself that leaves us spinning, it's how often things change.

While many of us have learned to accept change (and to even embrace it) what can still be a struggle to come to terms with is the frequency of change.

As in how often things change.

When things change regularly we often crave stability only to have another wave of change suddenly upon us. We can sometimes feel like we are struggling to keep up. We might feel like we are drowning with all the changes in our lives.

Sometimes it’s the constant change that can throw us off-balance.

Here are my thoughts on coping with how often things change.

Go with the flow

Let’s face it going with the flow is a lot easier for some than others. It’s also a lot easier said than done!

If you are a Type A personality you probably just groaned at that suggestion, since going with the flow is so not in your nature.

Here’s the kicker. If you are on the roller coaster of constant change, you have two choices: either put your arms up in the air and feel the breeze on your face or sit screaming your head off through the whole experience.

Which one do you think will feel better?

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Don’t fight against change

This one is the opposite of go with the flow. Sometimes we dive wholeheartedly into fighting against the change.

We dig our heals in and completely refuse to accept the changes in our lives.

The problem with fighting against change is that it takes so much energy to fight the reality of our situation (whatever that situation might be). That energy could easily be spent on something more productive and meaningful in our lives.

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Grieve your losses

Change can come with a lot of grief. We must take the time to process that grief. 

We tend to think of grief as only about losing someone we love but the truth is we can feel grief over other things as well. You might have a devastating change in your health, or lose a job that you love.

Be compassionate and patient with yourself. Grief can be incredibly difficult to work through.

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Don’t go all control freak

If you are the Type A personality I mentioned above you are probably thinking something like – to hell with that I will be in control of the roller coaster.

Granted sometimes that is possible and other times it’s just not.

Going all control freak on every situation will only make things worse. By all means control what you can (but don’t think this means you can control the people you love) and roll with the punches on the rest.

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Let go of your expectations of normal

Sometimes coping with rapid change is about letting go of our expectations of what’s normal.

I hear this a lot in work situations. Restructures, government changes, changes to management, 2-year contracts instead of permanent employees.

The world of work constantly changes. What was normal, hiring permanent full-time staff for example no longer happens in some companies and government departments. The notion of one job for life is long gone.

Ditch your expectations of normal (or what happened in the good old days!) and you will cope much easier.

Understand that change creates new opportunities

When I was fired from my previous company, I was gutted.

In hindsight it was one of the best things that happened in my career. Being fired, led me to my current position which I totally love. If I hadn’t been let go I could still be working in a miserable environment. I realize now that being fired opened the path to a brilliant work opportunity.

Go with the flow, be adaptable and stay open to the opportunities that frequent change can bring. 

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