The key to having more joy in your life.

Between nightly news and Internet news updates it’s easy to wonder – Where the hell is the joy?

With regular reports of chaos and violence it can be hard to feel joyful.

Times of trouble make it even more important to remember there is joy in the world.

Joy is everywhere.

Sometimes it can feel like its hiding, but it’s there!

Joy is in every day people and their actions and dreams. It’s in nature, in love, in beauty, in the animals around us.

It really is everywhere, we just need to tap into it regularly.

Each of us has our own source of inner joy.

One of the easiest ways to connect to joy instantly is to live in the moment. Be in the moment (turn off the television/mobile phone/iPad first and you will find being in the moment a lot easier).

Being in the moment involves connection. Connection is the true source of joy. Connection to your heart, your soul. To the core of who you are.

Feel the joy. 

Let it sweep over you. Be grateful for what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t have.

Be in the moment and feel joyous.

Have faith in other people and be true to yourself. Believe in possibility and opportunity instead of limitations.

Smile more. Be kind. Help others. Be thoughtful instead of fearful.

There is joy everywhere – tap into it. Better still be a shining beacon of joy for yourself and others.

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