Drop the Fear of Not Feeling Like An Expert

When I am writing this blog, I sometimes worry that I don’t have a degree, initials after my name or a fancy job title.

When I have these awkward moments of self-doubt I remind myself of what I DO have!

I have experience. 

Experience has taught me a lot.

Don’t go thinking that experience only means trauma and hardship. You don’t need to be the king or queen of misery to learn and grow (and hopefully help other people).

Once I started thinking about my own unique life experiences, I realized I have a lot to draw inspiration from.

Here are just a few that spring to mind.

– I’ve done my fair share of travelling. I’ve travelled with groups, with a partner, with friends as well as spending a lot of time travelling on my own.

– Though I have never been married, I have had my heart-broken many times. What’s really important is that I have recovered each and every time without becoming bitter. I have lived with partners, had long distance relationships, been forced to start again with nothing and learned that sometimes what we think is love isn’t love at all. Yet here I am more strong and confident than ever!

– I have dealt with being adopted and survived my parents messy, horrible divorce – not going too crazy in the process. Okay there were moments I went a little crazy but I sorted through them as well.

– I have some incredible friends. I have friendships that have stood the test of time and everything that life has thrown at us.

– I have lived alone and totally loved it. Over the years I have had to overcome bouts of loneliness and despair. Experience has taught me the difference between being lonely and being alone. It’s helped me love spending time by myself because now I know I am worth the time.

– I’ve started my own solo business and had to pick up the pieces when failure came calling. Big learning curve on that one!

– Most importantly I have dealt with crippling low self-esteem and turned it into loving myself and accepting myself for who I really am.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. These are just the things I came up with daydreaming on the bus recently. There is so much more I could add to this list.

I’m not telling you all this to take an ego trip or blow my own trumpet. The reason I am telling you this is to get you thinking about your own amazing life experiences.

Now it’s your turn to think about all of the things you have done, overcome, achieved and learned along the way.

To make sure your daydreaming doesn’t turn into a misery fest (you don’t want this to be a poor me list!) with each item you come up with make sure it has a positive element.

Make sure your list is about how you have grown, matured and had a hell of a lot of fun!

We all have our own experiences. We all have areas where we have experience and expertise.

We can all contribute and add value.

We are all experts in our own unique and wonderful way.

If you can use your expertise and experience to make someone smile, help them through a tough moment or make them feel better about themselves then bravo I say!

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