Life can be hard. We all go through tough times but it's important to not lose hope. When times get tough, we need to hang in there and remember that things will get better.

When times get tough, we need to hang in there and remember that things will get better.

While flying back from New York recently, I realized I missed my best friend’s birthday. As I thought about missing her birthday I was struck by an amazing realization. I missed her birthday last year as well, though it was under completely different circumstances.

Last year on her birthday I was in the hospital having surgery.

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As I’ve mentioned earlier, last year was a tough year for me personally.

I failed at my first attempt at working for myself and had to go back to working for someone else. I was bullied by my manager then fired for no reason.

Then I was unemployed for seven months. After my 100th failed job application, I stopped counting the jobs that I applied for.

Financially and emotionally it was a struggle. There were moments of deep despair and loneliness.

There was a moment of darkness where I felt I hit rock bottom.

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Around the same time, a random ultrasound showed up a tumor on my liver. I was sent to a specialist who advised the tumor had to be removed. My surgeon ran tests checking for cancer.

I was shocked and scared.

If you had told me during those worrying times that a year from now, I would be coming back from a fabulous trip to New York I would have laughed in your face!

Honestly, I probably would have cried all over you with disbelief.

While recovering from surgery I got a phone call for a job interview. The call came when I wasn’t looking for a job and least expected it.

Things started to turn around for me. I started a wonderful new job, working with amazing people. I fully recovered from the surgery and thankfully the cancer tests came back negative.

My confidence returned.

So why am I bringing up all of this?

To demonstrate that things can turn around. I went from despair to being in a place of joy and happiness.

It reminded me that sometimes we just have to ride out the tough times to get back to the good ones.

Sometimes you have to do your best to hang in there and believe that things will get better.

This year has brought its own heartbreak and challenges with my stepdad suddenly passing away and one of my dear friends ending our relationship.

Life is always going to throw hardship and challenges at you.

But it also throws a lot of joy, happiness, opportunity, and love your way too.

It’s grabbing those positive things and making the most of them, despite the challenges that lead us to a place of peace.

When I look back over last year I also see how lucky I was.

I was supported by my wonderful family and friends. Despite the hardship – there was also laughter, fun, and companionship. There was love and caring.

There was hope.

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Seek out the positives in the shadows, and challenge yourself to look for the silver lining in tough situations. Look out the window and see the beauty around you.

It’s there, you just need to look a little harder sometimes. Look within yourself and see your strength and courage.

Believe in love over fear. Believe in the universe bringing good things your way.

If you are facing a challenge, if you are struggling – always remember things can and will get better. 

Hang in there. I believe in you. Better times are just around the corner.

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