I thought I would share a meaningful lesson with you on how to worry less.

Before I left work last Friday I made a mistake at work. It was about five minutes before I was meant to leave for the afternoon. Quite a few people had already left the office so there was no one to help me fix the problem.

For one brief moment, I felt a flash of panic.

The mistake was on a project that had already caused a lot of grief and I had just made an error entering information.

After calming down and thinking logically, I shut down my computer and decided to take a fresh look at it on Monday.

Learn how to worry less.

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Over the weekend the weirdest thing happened.

I forgot all about the problem.

That might not seem significant but only years earlier, I would have stressed and worried about that all weekend.

I can be prone to worrying too much. It’s taken a lot of work over the years to worry less.

When I sat down for breakfast Monday morning, I remembered my Friday afternoon problem.

Realizing I hadn’t worried or for that matter even thought about it all weekend brought a smile to my face. It was a big reminder that we need to stop and openly acknowledge our wins (even the small ones) and give ourselves a pat on the back for how much we’ve grown.

When I got to work I easily fixed my mistake.

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The thing to understand is that I still worry about certain things. Take my cat for example. If he is unwell I worry. He is a cherished part of my life and worth worrying about.

I worry about my Mum more since the passing of my Stepdad.

What I don’t do is worry about all the stupid stuff that doesn’t matter.

I don’t worry about simple things that can easily be fixed (like the mistakes I make at work). I don’t worry about trivial things.

This my friends is how you worry less – you stop worrying about things that don’t really matter.

A major sign of growth is when you no longer worry about all the stuff that not that long ago seemed a big deal.

Some of the things I used to worry about years ago don’t even hit my radar now. Some are not even things I think about, let alone worry about.

Whilst I still have some work to do on worrying less, it’s a comfort to know that at least now I’m worrying about the stuff that matters the most to me.

Do you worry too much about things that don’t truly matter?

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