You have choices. Some hard, some easy, many we do without even thinking.

Ahhhh choices we make so many of them every day.

Some are easy, some hard, some we barely even think about they are so habitual.

Choices can be heartbreaking, exciting, challenging, and life-changing.

Sometimes those big life-changing choices mean we have to cope with some short-term pain before we get to the good stuff.

The thing to remember (especially when life gets tough) is that we ALWAYS have choices.

No matter how trapped or scared we feel there are options.

We choose who we spend our time with, where and who we live with, our careers, our partners, our adventures, our joys, and our passions.

Are our choices always easy? Hell NO!

Do we over-complicate some of our choices and make them harder than they really need to be?

Hell YES!

On the surface, the message of this post might seem a no-brainer but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves we have choices.

We can pick another path. We can do something different. We can change direction or try again.

Make sure your choices are your own and not someone else’s.

Never forget you have choices. You just have to be courageous enough to make them.

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