Are you settling for less than you deserve?

I’m a fan of the Gala Darling Instagram challenge. While I was browsing through the feed, one quote stood out for me.

More to the point, I felt the words jump off the page and slap me across the face.

Take a deep breath, here we go.

 We accept the love we think we deserve


I wish I had known this truth years ago. Instead I learnt my lessons on love the hard way.

In the past, I accepted a lot less love than I deserved. Low self-esteem resulted in relationships with inappropriate men and accepting their crappy behavior. On top of that, even after I experienced their bad behavior I stayed with them.

Why did I put up with unacceptable behavior?

Because I didn’t love or value myself enough, I accepted what I felt I deserved.

By feeling unlovable I thought that if I could get some bad boy (and yes I picked a few of those along the way) to adore me than surely that was proof that I was lovable.

Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places! I was constantly seeking love and approval from someone outside of myself.

It’s not like you think to yourself – I’m worthless, I’ll find a man who will cheat on me. It is so much more subtle than that.

I didn’t know myself and I certainly didn’t love or respect myself.

Often the problem was I made it all about ‘them’ and not about ‘me’. It’s a bit like when you go for a job interview and all you can think about is will they hire me? Will they think I’m good enough? Will they like me?

Just like job interviews, relationships are a two-way street. It’s not all about what they want.

Now I know the truth.

Now I truly understand I deserve to be loved.

I might not have a man in my life at the moment but that doesn’t change what I know.  I don’t need a partner for validation.

Look inside yourself for validation, love and acceptance.

I deserve to be loved and respected and so do you.

Believe in yourself, cherish yourself and accept the precious, beautiful love you know you deserve.

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