Are you a believer? Do you believe in magic?

Originally I planned to write a post about how we can bring more magic into our lives.

Then a question dawned on me – do you believe in magic?

I’m not talking about the magician rabbit out of a hat variety or even the supernatural spell kind.

I’m talking about magic in our everyday lives.

A quick Google search defines magic as ‘wonderful, exciting’ and gives the example of ‘what a magic moment’.

Going on that definition alone, someone washing the pile of dishes currently on my kitchen sink would, to me, be both wonderful and exciting, but that probably won’t pass as magical to most.

As a reader of personal development blogs, I often see this word used (I’ve probably whipped it out here a few times myself) yet I wonder if people interrupt the word the same way.

I wonder if some people scoff or grow cynical just at the thought of it.

I fully suspect that magic means different things to different people. The big question is what is your own version of magic.

Is magic a moment of spontaneous pure joy? It is when we cry tears of happiness or laugh until we cry? Is magic like beauty, all in the eyes of the beholder?

Whilst we might experience a magical moment while admiring a beautiful sunset in an exotic location, does magic exist in everyday life or do we reserve it mainly for the big-ticket moments?

Does it exist at work for example? It is in our living rooms at night after a hard day? Does magic exist in daily routine or do we only find it in the extraordinary?

Perhaps your interpretation of the word defines whether you believe in it or not. Perhaps your definition determines how much of it you experience in life.

I suspect magic is a bit like love. It’s everywhere but if we don’t believe in it, it makes it that much harder to experience, find and hold onto.

Perhaps magic comes to those who believe? Believe in magic and you will start seeing and experiencing more of it.

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