The Power of Gratitude Love and Healing. What are you grateful for?

This is my first day back writing after surgery.

Thankfully I am on the mend and healing well. Every day brings a small improvement whether it be less pain, more movement or a more positive attitude.

Post surgery, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

Here are a few things I feel extremely grateful for at the moment.

1. My Mum

Despite the fact that my Mum suffered through two bouts of cancer last year she came to look after me for 11 days.

My Mum has a habit of getting in and getting the job done despite her own health issues, so I was a little worried at first. The last thing I wanted was for Mum’s health to suffer while taking care of me. Thankfully she seems to be holding up okay.

I couldn’t have had this operation without my Mum being with me. I needed her for physical and emotional support. What I am truly grateful for is how much closer this experience has bought us.

My Mum taking care of me couldn’t have happened without my Step-Dad. He held the fort back home and offered support to both Mum and I.

2. My wonderful friends

I would be truly lost without my best friends.

I’m not the sort of person who has hundreds of friends but the ones I do have are incredible. I can’t speak highly enough of them.

They held my hand and supported me every step of the way. They took time off work to attend appointments with me, visited me in hospital, did runs to the chemist and grocery store, provided transport food companionship and love despite what was going on in their own busy lives.

They were there for me in every way and I am truly blessed.

3. My brother and his family

We dined as a family together before the operation which meant a great deal to me (I know it meant a lot to my Mum as well).

My brother provided the practicalities such as a bed to sleep on downstairs so that I didn’t have to drag myself up and down my internal staircase.

My brother and his family are always there for me when I need them. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

4. My cat

In case you missed it, I have written about my beautiful boy before – How a Scrawny Stray Cat Changed My Life.

He truly is a joy. He has his own unique personality and quirkiness (just like his owner).

My boy comforts me when I am sick, distracts me with his antics when I am in pain and loves me unconditionally (as I do him).

Unconditional love – is there anything more precious?

5. My home

At the moment my townhouse needs quite a lot of maintenance but I will tell you something – when I walked back into my apartment after 2 nights in hospital my humble little home has never looked so good!

I was home where I belonged and I was truly happy.

6. My neighbor

I have to admit in adulthood I have never paid a lot of attention to my neighbors.

Renting in Sydney for ten years my Mum would ask about my neighbors and I wouldn’t have a clue. I would say hello if I met them in the hallway but that was about it.

As I type this my neighbor just knocked on my door and asked if I needed anything from the shop – very sweet!

I think while I was in bed recovering my Mum made a pact with my neighbor to keep an eye on me once Mum left, which is just another reason to be grateful!

7. People who offered their help and well wishes

As I mentioned earlier my closest friends have been amazing.

The other thing that I have found touching is the well wishes and offers of help from people and friends (both online and off). It has been wonderful how many people genuinely offered to help out should I need anything.

I have been deeply touched by their caring gestures and words of kindness and support.

8. My doctor

I didn’t spend long with my doctor but let’s face it, thanks to him I am sitting here writing a post about being grateful.

I will be filled with even more gratitude when we have our post op appointment in a couple of weeks and he tells me that I can go back to my ‘normal life’.

9. My garden

As I have mentioned before I’m not much of a gardener. I neglect my garden yet  I can still find beauty in it.

My garden is calming and relaxing. I love having a connection to my tiny patch of nature (even if it has a high percentage of weeds).

Not being able to leave the house for over a week has me appreciating my garden even more. On top of that my Mum did quite a bit of gentle gardening while I was recuperating so it’s looking rather lovely.

10. My life

I know people have laparoscopic surgery all the time. I know people come out the other end just fine. It was hardly open heart surgery.

But it was my first surgery and there was that thought, that deep-seeded fear – what if I don’t wake up?

What if something goes wrong? What if this is it?

I didn’t dwell on this thought too much but it was there.

I won’t lie, this year has been a tough year for me. It’s been one setback after another. There have been days I have floundered, fallen and failed. There have been days I hit rock bottom and cried myself to sleep.

There has also been joy and happiness, caring, strength and gratitude. Gratitude for the people who have gotten me to this point. Gratitude for all of the wonderful people, moments and things in my life.

Thankfully I did wake up and I am back swinging with everything I’ve got to get healthy and bound forward with my life. I can’t walk around the block at the moment but I am fired up.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who have helped me before and after surgery. I am truly grateful.

My current mantra is – Bring on the healing!!

I know many of you are going through tough times. Many people are struggling with far bigger health or personal issues.

Many of you may be feeling scared and lonely.

Your particular healing may not be of the body – it could be your mind, heart or spirit. The process of healing occurs in all areas of our lives and needs to be acknowledged and embraced wholeheartedly.

Shout it with me – Bring on the healing!!

No matter what you are trying to heal from, no matter what form of healing is taking place in your life – gratitude and love are the key.

What are you grateful for right now? What does your top 10 gratitude list look like?

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