I have an important question for you – Have you been all work and no play lately?

As I was scrolling through my blog posts, I noticed that the blog and consequently myself have definitely been in the all work and no play category lately.

Since it’s Friday today with the weekend fast approaching (not to mention the first day of spring here in Australia on Sunday) I thought it was time to lighten up a little.

Sometimes we can get so bogged down with the daily drama happening in our lives (think work, family, relationships, finances) that we lose our sense of playfulness and fun. Instead, we worry about our jobs, the bills – you name it.

Have you been all work and no play lately? Then it's definitely time to put fun and play back on the menu.

When we worry, life feels anything but light.

Let’s turn that around! I give you permission to take a personal development break. Woo-hoo!

So what adventure, play, relaxation or fun do you have in your life at the moment?

Our adventures don’t always have to be grand. If for whatever reason you have been stuck in the house a lot lately, finding a fantastic new cafe up the road can be a fun discovery. This happened to me during the week, so you can guess where I’m going for a well priced and delicious breakfast over the weekend!

When everything feels so damn serious, we often forget to simply enjoy ourselves and relax.

If you need some inspiration in the fun department, check out my earlier post – Are you having enough fun?

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While I realize this might sound a little counter-intuitive to the idea of having fun, but if you have been working too often and too hard, you might need to schedule in some downtime and fun. Scheduling in downtime is the first step and let’s face it, if you have been working hard you have been scheduling priorities and goals, so you might as well use that scheduling habit to your advantage!

You don’t need to schedule having fun down to the last detail, instead focus on scheduling the time to have a break from work.

Today’s post is a friendly reminder that we need to lighten up.  Sometimes life needs to be silly, frivolous and fun. 

It’s also one of those note to self moments since I have been taking life in general way too serious lately.

Make sure your life is not all work and no play.

Take a deep breath, believe that everything will work out and go out into the world and enjoy yourself. Play on!

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