Month: June 2013

How to Have Those Hard Conversations

No one likes those hard conversations but they are often important to have. Read How to Have Those Hard Conversations.

Hard conversations – you know the ones I mean! I’m talking about those conversations that you dread down in the pit of your stomach. The hard conversations that make you feel slightly nauseous just thinking about. Whether its related to a personal, health or work issue these sorts of conversations are always difficult. Here are ten […]

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Is Loyalty in the Workplace Dead?

Does loyalty in the workplace still exist and if so who is being loyal to whom?

When interviewers ask in a job interview what are your strengths, one of my answers used to be that I am incredibly loyal. I don’t say that anymore – not because I’m not loyal to my manager and company but because I’m not convinced that loyalty is still viewed as a valuable commodity in the workplace. […]

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