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I’m turning 48 this week.

Yes, folks, I have another birthday fast approaching.

Birthdays are a bit like New Year’s. They can involve partying, celebrations, hangovers, goal setting, and reflection.

While my partying will be a lot more subdued than some of the birthday celebrations in my twenties or early thirties, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.

Most of the time I don’t feel my age. I was chatting online with a new friend the other day. I knew she was younger than me but it dawned on me over the weekend she is 20 years my junior. Twenty years, holy crap! Yet that doesn’t change the way we connect.

I figure I can look at this birthday gig two ways.

I could be all depressed and be moping around thinking crap I am going to be 48. That’s sooooo old!! Poor me – boo hoo.

Or I could be happy, content and be thinking cool I’m going to be 48. Bring it on. Woohoo!!!

In case there was any doubt, I am going for door number two.

Honestly, where does door number one get me anyway? Depressed and miserable (and over what?)

Who the hell wants to be feeling miserable at any age?

I could look at my life at the moment and see all of the problems I am facing. To be honest there are a few.

I could write you out a nice long list but again how does that benefit me?

I’m aware of the issues and I’m working through them – that’s enough.

Instead, I choose to focus on all of the things that are going right in my life and that is a mighty long list as well.

I could choose to look at my life through someone else’s lens.

Since I don’t have the conventional milestones under my belt – marriage, and children, for example, some people might see me as a failure.

But I’m not living my life through anyone else’s lens, I’m living it through my own.

My dreams, goals, and values are uniquely mine.

I don’t let other people define my version of success and failure.

I live my life on my own terms. Now there’s a lesson I wish the 20 something party girl had known all along.

As for this 40 is the new 50, 30 is the new 20 – it’s all bull.  You are whatever age you are. Full stop.

Why are we trying to be something else? Why are we categorizing, labeling or stereotyping people at a certain age?

I say just be you – in all your beautiful, amazing glory.

Be your best at any moment in time and forget the rest.

Do I like the physical side of ageing?

Okay, not a huge fan. Frankly not thrilled on the wrinkles or the weight gain. Getting tests done because I have reached a ‘certain age’ doesn’t have me jumping for joy either.

But I can still jump, dance, laugh, love, travel and have fun – so that’s all that matters.

For my birthday I will be spending time with the people closest to me who I love dearly.

I may have more wrinkles but I am also wiser, smarter and happier than I was during my earlier years.

like myself more now.  

I value and love myself.

I know and fully embrace who I am and I’m pretty damn happy about it!

Be uniquely YOU. Be happy. At any age.

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