This could be the most important and life-changing question you ask yourself. Are you filled with self-love or are you drowning in self-loathing? Do you treat yourself with kindness and respect or are you your own worst enemy?

I hope you picked the self-love option. It’s important to remember that self-love is a choice.

Self-love or self-loathing? The Choice is Yours

If you didn’t pick the self-love option, then the question is why?

What reason could you possibly have for not loving yourself fully?

Your thighs are too big perhaps or you have a zit on your chin? That’s all superficial mumbo jumbo – you’re going to have to dig a lot deeper than that. You can do something about your thighs and the zit will clear up, so let’s move past the looks thing.

Maybe you think you are not a nice person. Maybe you don’t feel you are smart enough, attractive enough, or popular enough.

Enough with the NOT BEING ENOUGH. Stop, stop, stop.

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You are bloody enough. You are unique, and wonderful in your own way and yes your particular way is enough.

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Think of your best friend for a moment. You love them, you support them, you are there for them. They make mistakes, they screw up (just as we all do!) You don’t dump your best friend because they had a bad day or put on a couple of pounds. You aren’t mean to them or tear them to shreds over the stupidest things. You continue to love them despite their faults.

So why can’t you do the same for yourself? Accept your faults and love yourself regardless. Why are you tearing yourself to shreds with negative self-talk and self-loathing?

How does self-loathing benefit you? How does it make you feel better?

Come to think of it – how does it make you feel?

Miserable, empty, like crap are all words that spring to mind. None of them sound all that fun to me.

How does self-loathing help you grow as a person? How does it help you move towards opportunity, adventure, and fun? It doesn’t. It holds you back. It stops you in your tracks. It pushes you backward.

Who the hell wants that?

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Self-love on the other hand is transformational.

Wouldn’t self-love and caring be a much better way to go? Wouldn’t be easier to make peace with yourself?

Send up the white flag, rally the exhausted troops, and stop fighting that nasty battle inside yourself.

I promise you – you are worth it. Don’t just take my word for it, it’s time to start believing in yourself! Know your worth. Always.

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