It's time to examine your level of self-discipline.

I’ve been thinking about self-discipline a lot lately.

I’ve been thinking about the power of self-discipline, how a lack of discipline can negatively affect our lives and most importantly how to have more of it.

While I have talked about the importance of motivation on this blog, what’s really sinking in is the pure force of self-discipline.

I realized recently that the one major obstacle sabotaging my attempt to run a successful, profitable business is self-discipline. As a business owner or  budding entrepreneur an extremely high level of self-discipline is a must.

Self-discipline can easily mean the difference between having a boss and being the boss. It can be the difference between having a mediocre life or having an exceptional one!

This wonderful post written by my friend Farnoosh Brock over at Prolific Living discusses the ebb and flow of self-discipline.  This post lit a fire under me. Have a read here for yourself.

In Farnoosh’s post she talks about settling and complacency. While I have been determined not to settle when it comes to a personal relationship, reading this post made me understand that I have settled for average outcomes in other areas of my life (which is not a position I’m comfortable with).

When I started analyzing my own levels of self-discipline, I jumped to the conclusion that they were quite low. After further consideration, I realized that was far from the truth.  I am incredibly disciplined in some areas and seriously lacking in others.

Take travelling for example. When I make the decision to take a big trip, I make it happen. I go without, I sacrifice, I do the required research, I save money, I do whatever it takes to achieve my travel goals. I use self-discipline to make it happen.

How comfortable are you with the level of self-discipline in your life?

Are you brilliant in some areas and struggling with others or are you a self-discipline powerhouse?

Take a moment to think about which areas of your life (start with work, health, money and relationships) that would benefit from an increased level of self-discipline.

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