Stop trying so hard to fit in and be 'normal'. Embrace your unique personality, skills and quirks. Read What's So Great about Being Normal?

There was one girl not like the other normal kids.”

This is a statement I heard during the week about a teenager who turned up to go on a sailing trip.

My first thought, when I heard this statement was good for her.

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Basically, the person making the statement was saying she was different and that was unacceptable.

In their eyes, she dressed differently, had an unusual look and came from a different type of family background.

I understand our human need to be accepted and loved. I comprehend that many people see fitting in as part of that overall plan.

What bothers me is that as soon as someone doesn’t fit whatever our version of ‘normal’ is we label them as different and treat them as such. Effectively we write them off.

I have a question.

What the hell is so great about being normal anyway?

Here’s another important question.

What does being normal even mean?

The meaning of normal for one person can be a completely different thing for another person.

Maybe we need to turn this ‘normal’ notion on its head.

Perhaps not fitting in shouldn’t be our big fear – perhaps being normal should scare the crap out of us.

Maybe we should be scared of being like everyone else.

Perhaps we should be concerned about fitting in so well, we are totally overlooked amongst the masses. Maybe we should be terrified of all ending up the same.

Normal is rarely extraordinary.

Normal is rarely filled with adventure, excitement, and risk-taking. Normal can stifle your creativity.

Normal usually means you tow the company and family line. You do what you are told. You stick to the status quo.

Is it just me or does that sound a tad boring?

I ask you to challenge your definition of normal.

In fact, I challenge you to try to remove this word from your vocabulary and mindset altogether.

It’s time we redefine normal.

I suggest we work on being more accepting of each other. More acceptance, understanding, and support – less labeling and judgment.

If you’re ready for less judgment in your life, I recommend the book Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. This book provides a step by step process to release the beliefs that stop you from having a better life.

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