What Does 10 Years Represent For You? Have you grown as a person, got more responsibility, more freedom, more self-confidence?

In yesterday’s post I was asking questions about time, in particular what 10 years means to each of us.

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Here are three more thought-provoking questions.

Do you feel more comfortable in your skin than you did 10 years ago?

When it comes to our looks and bodies, aging can be a double-edged sword.

Hopefully we get wiser and are more at peace with our looks and bodies as we age. The hope is that we become less looks oriented (while still taking pride in ourselves naturally).

Unfortunately the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery seems to indicate otherwise. We seem to be willing to pay someone to make us look 10 years younger and risk our health in the process.

Ageing can bring on an assortment of health problems and required health checks, which I won’t go into here since there are countless blogs and websites on the topic.

What is important to remember is that our bodies need to be healthy no matter what age we are. We need to take the focus off the beauty and youth aspect and place it firmly on the health side of things.

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What can you do to make sure the next 10 years are the best they can be?

Be clear about exactly what it is you want. If you have a wishy-washy vision, most likely you will end up with wishy-washy results.

Know what you want to achieve and follow through on making it happen.

While planning ahead is great, sometimes we can get a bit carried away. Often we project ahead without factoring in our current situation. Say for instance you are in debt but you are waiting till you earn a certain amount of money to start paying it off. You might find yourself thinking when I earn this figure I will start such and such. This means you are always projecting ahead and not actually getting your current debt paid off. In reality you may never reach your dream figure to start making a difference.

Figure out where you stand right now and work out how to achieve what you want for the next decade from your current situation, not from an elusive moment in time. Start small if you have to but get started in the first place.

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Does it feel like the last ten years went too quickly?

Ten years can go very quickly.

Admittedly some individual days feel like they stretch out, but the years seem to fly by.

The days and weeks that go slowly are usually the ones where something terrible or stressful happens. Waiting a couple of hours for my Mum to come out of surgery recently felt like an extremely long time.

Talk to a pair of newlyweds about their wedding and most likely they will say they had a wonderful time but the event went too fast. Holidays also have a habit of whizzing by.

We cannot slow down time. We can’t change where we are in life (no one has invented that time machine yet dammit).

What we can do is work on what we put into our precious time. It is a matter of quality over quantity. If you fill ten years with what is important to you, it won’t go any slower (sorry about that) but it will mean a lot more.

I remember years ago, I went with a group of friends to Newcastle for the weekend. We called it the Newcastle Contiki trip. We jammed so much into that one weekend that it felt like we had been there for a week and yes I was much younger at the time in case you were wondering.

The tricky thing about time is it seems to go slower when you are younger and faster when you get older.

If you are in your twenties you probably have big plans for the future.  That’s fantastic! I’ll be here cheering you on and offering support. Just a reminder though – big dreams and exciting plans are not only for the young.

Don’t let your age stop you from starting in the first place. Don’t let it stop you from making great things happen.

Whatever you do – make the next ten years count!

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