Which superpower do you need to be a better blogger? Read The 6 X-Men That Can Make You a Better Blogger.

Last week I read an inspiring post by another blogger.

The blogger discussed the need to stop trying to be Superman.

Instead of always thinking we need to do everything ourselves, she suggested embracing more of an X-Men business approach.

Each business owner has their own unique power, yet still belongs to a team who helps them out when required.

This got me thinking about which mutant powers might come in handy in the blogging world.

Let’s take a look at some of the X-Men characters and see how they could apply (with a little creative license) to blogging.

Release the mutant powers!

Professor Charles Xavier

The Professor is the leader of the X-Men.

He has the ability to read human minds. He has the power to control and influence readers.

In other words, he is a blogger with a huge subscriber base and a host of loyal readers who look forward to his next product release.

Charles understands his readership so well he knows just which epic posts they need and what products he needs to create to blast away their problems.


Wolverine has the power of brute strength, heightened senses, and rapid healing.

He is powerful and fearless.

He submits guest posts without pause, tears through blog promotion like a champion and speaks at conferences without the slightest sign of fear.

His healing powers protect him again criticism and rejection. In the face of danger or threat, he soldiers on. Though a loner at heart, he stands up and fights for his team when needed.


Storm is in control of the weather (aka the Internet environment).

Storm is a teacher. She knows how to make things happen.

Storm can harness the power of social media and cause a commotion. She can command attention with a blistering product launch, get videos going viral across YouTube and bring on traffic spikes from Pinterest.

She knows how to dominate Twitter and Facebook and can bend the Facebook timeline to her will.


Cyclops has the power to emit an optic blast.

He is the master of search engine optimisation and keywords. He can summon traffic with density rich keywords (yet still provide interesting and informative content), produce opt-in pages that convert to buyers and subscribers and dominate landing pages that produce results.

He is laser focused on building successful niche sites.


Magneto has power over electromagnetic fields.

Now here is a blogger who knows how to attract and hold loyal readers. He knows how to make a blog sticky with an onslaught of returning traffic.

He is the king of technology. He can master podcasts, webinars, video blogs and is a whiz with coding, themes, and WordPress.

Magneto doesn’t follow the so-called blogging rules, he smashes through them and forges his own way.


Mystique is a shapeshifter.

She can move with grace and skill from one topic to another across a variety of different blogs and platforms.

She’s the blogger you see all over the Internet in guest posts, interviews, comments; all the while making blogging look effortless and easy.

Of course, the great mystery is how to channel all of these unique powers into one mutant – pardon me, I mean blogger.

Can you relate to a particular X-Men character? Which power, in particular, do you need to harness to help you with a current blogging project?

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