Are you standing on the sidelines watching other people achieve their dreams when you should be focusing on achieving your own?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have probably heard of the television show ‘The Voice’.

The Australian version is blitzing the ratings at the moment. It’s all over the Internet and social media platforms (you can watch Twitter go ballistic during a show).

The marketing for this show is phenomenal. The marketing people certainly know what they were doing.

There is no doubt ‘The Voice’ is a highly compelling and entertaining show with some incredible talent. The blind auditions have been amazing.

Yet something struck me the other day.

By spending all of this time watching someone chasing their singing dream, what exactly is happening to my writing one?

It dawned on me that by sitting on the couch watching people strive to become singers, dancers or lose weight; we are actually forsaking our own dreams.

We feel inspired by watching shows where people go after what they want.

The big question is do we feel inspired enough to get off the couch and do something ourselves or are we becoming a legion of watchers, instead of participators?

Are we simply watching instead of doing?

Are we happy to idly sit by and watch people chase their goals and dreams while our dreams lay dormant or live in the land of ‘I’ll do that when I have more time?’ which let’s face it, we all know never happens, because we always find something else to fill the time.

We have to make the time for what we really want.

If you have the time to watch your favourite television programs and pursue your own dreams and goals by all means do both.

However if time is a precious commodity for you, I would hit your own turn the chair around button, start cheering for yourself and stop watching from the sidelines.

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