There are reasons that you might not be making the obvious choice. Read the post to find out what those reasons are.

Recently one of my readers shared one of my posts on Facebook. Someone commented that my advice about how to stop wasting time was obvious but so true.

This comment got me thinking. I’m the first to admit sometimes my advice is obvious.

The amazing thing is the obvious is sometimes what we most need to hear.

Despite what we know to be true, sometimes we do exactly the opposite of what is going to make our lives better or easier.

Take these examples.

Want to have more time to work on your passions and dreams – stop watching so much television. Easy enough? Yet hard to do for many people.

Want to stop procrastinating – start on that report now and work on it until you are finished. Easy right? Apparently not or there wouldn’t be volumes of books and web pages on how to overcome procrastination.

Don’t want your love life to be complicated – don’t have an affair with someone married? Piece of cake, yet how many people have affairs?

Many of us (including myself) fail to see the most obvious solution or simply choose not to act on the most obvious course of action.

So why exactly do we do this?

Here are my thoughts on the 11 top reasons you might not be making the obvious choice.

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We’re bored

We’re at work and supposed to be working on a spreadsheet for the boss. An incredibly boring but important spreadsheet.

Instead, we decide to pop into Facebook for a while and then read through the latest online news. Before we know it, we are working back late to get the report done.

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We crave excitement

We know we shouldn’t do something but it seems exciting, so we do it anyway. Then we wonder why our lives get so complicated.

I am certainly saying you shouldn’t do anything exciting, quite the opposite; life should be filled with excitement, just not the type that gets us into serious trouble and screws up our lives.

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We’re being lazy

We can come up with all types of excuses for not doing something.

We tell ourselves we are too busy, we don’t have time – blah blah blah. A lot of the time they may be valid excuses.

Other times we are just being lazy. When we find ourselves in this position, it helps if we are honest with ourselves.

If you want to be less lazy, work on your habits. By making actions automatic, it makes it a lot easier to get tasks done.

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It’s too hard

This one is very common.

It’s too hard.  

We can’t be bothered putting in the effort and hard work to get it done. This one usually comes with a truckload of excuses, that don’t seem to include the words ‘It’s too hard’.

People don’t want to admit it’s too hard because they think people will judge them for it.

We think of the big picture

I had a case of this the other day. I had been thinking about something on my blog. I’d been trying to work out a way to make a connection with someone.

I had all of these complicated scenarios in my head when it dawned on me there was a very simple way of getting the task done.

While I was thinking big picture, I completely missed the most obvious simple step.

We think with our heart and body not our head

Sometimes reason, logic, and the most obvious thing to do just fly out the window.

We meet someone we fancy, sparks fly and all hell breaks loose.

We lack focus

We start something and our minds drift off to something else.

We flick from one task to another (which is not a problem by itself) but never finish each or any task (therein lies the problem).

We don’t care

Come on be honest. How often have you not done something or acted a certain way because you just don’t care?

This doesn’t have to be a bad thing but it is something we all have to own up to at some point.

We don’t want to

This one doesn’t need any explanation though it can sometimes be closely related to we don’t care.

Let’s face it, If we really don’t want to do something, we just don’t.

We lack confidence

Everyone lacks confidence from time to time. This is quite normal and something all of us can work on. If you need to boost your confidence, the book below can help.

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We are afraid

As we all know fear can overshadow everything. We can often use all of the above points as excuses for not moving forward because we are scared. Fear is normal, moving through the fear is the key.

Please don’t think that I am being judgmental with the above list. I’m not. I’m guilty of all of the above at some point myself.

This is more about identifying the obstacles that stop us from making that obvious choice that we know to be right.

The above points are not necessarily good or bad. Naturally, it depends on the circumstances.

At times we have to own up to what is holding us back or causing tension in our lives. We have to own it and work through it, being honest with ourselves along the way.

Next time you get stuck or need to take action, seek out the obvious choice that is right for you.

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