The importance of silence in our lives. How often do you sit in silence?

We often forget the importance of silence in our lives.

How often do you sit in silence?

No television

No mobile phone

No radio

No people talking

No iPad, iPod or MP3 player

No laptop or PC

No music whatsoever

One of my favourite moments is sitting out in my courtyard, completely quiet and enjoying the sounds of nature.

I hear the wind blowing through the trees and the sound of a variety of birds communicating with one another. I hear the tiny lizards scurrying around in the garden or a single leaf blowing along the pavers. I hear my cat purring. I watch the clouds changing shape like I did when I was a child.

I sit perfectly still. I listen and observe.

I see the way the wind dances with the plants and trees. I take in the different sound each of them make as the breeze passes through them.

I calm the voices in my head telling me I should be doing this, I should be doing that. I calm the voices shouting do more, be more.

I block out the cars, the planes flying overhead and the neighbours.

I surrender to the silence. I feel peaceful.

I take in the beauty of the smallest flower regardless of whether it’s a weed or a beautiful rose.

I am grateful for the ability to hear beauty and to see it with my own eyes. I appreciate being able to smell a summer shower as it approaches.

How often do you sit still in silence without feeling you have to DO something other than be in that one precious moment?

Embrace silence. Embrace listening to nature.

Lose yourself in the beauty and depth of silence and stillness. Be reminded of the importance of silence in our lives.

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