For the love of books - discovering Kindle.

I made a fantastic discovery last week!

As many of you know from an earlier post, I love books.

As a blogger, I am no stranger to eBooks. I have bought and downloaded many fantastic ebooks written by other bloggers.

Naturally, I had heard about Kindle but considering I didn’t own one, I had ruled that out as an option.

That was until I discovered Kindle for PC.

Several weeks ago I went onto Amazon looking for books. Business books to be specific. I carefully picked out the books I wanted to purchase and added them to my cart. Books in the US are considerably cheaper than what we can buy in Australia.

There are also a lot more options available online.

After choosing the six books,  it was time to head to the checkout to calculate my total costs. This was when I spotted the delivery fee. Since I live in Australia, the postage and delivery were worth the cost of three of the books combined. Suddenly my well-priced books were not looking quite as reasonable. Considering my budgetary restraints at the time, I decided to give it some more thought.

Last week, I received a link from a blogger friend that contained the link to download the Kindle for PC app.

I had no idea how Kindle worked but decided to give it a try.

I have to say I am in love.

For someone who has always enjoyed the feel of a book in their hands, this is quite a revelation.

Clearly, all of the eBooks I have read since I started blogging have helped me transition to electronic options.

Purchasing a Kindle version of a paperback book is incredibly easy.  The app downloads the book straight into your Kindle library and emails you a receipt.

It is so easy, I had to restrain myself from going a little bit crazy over the weekend. I bought two books – at least for now. I definitely see more purchases in the not too distant future.

Another delightful advantage is that the Kindle version of a book can be slightly cheaper than the paperback one. Not to mention you receive the book straight away – no waiting for delivery.

I look forward to sharing with you the fantastic books I discover via my new Kindle for PC app. Click on the link, so you can start reading amazing books on your laptop or PC.

Happy reading! I hope you love your new Kindle app as much as I do.

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