Are you going after what you want or are you holding back? If you are holding back, do you know why?

I had trouble sleeping the other night.

I was lying in bed thinking about when we know exactly what we should be doing – yet we don’t do it.

We’re not confused about what we should be working on, we have a clear well thought out plan.

We need to work on Project A. Simple. Cut and dry.

Project A is our number one priority.

Yet we don’t. We check Facebook or watch Netflix instead.

Why the hell does this happen?

Is it a combination of fear and procrastination or something more complicated?

Here are two thoughts that jumped into my head when I was considering why we don’t dive in when we know we should.

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Are we afraid of hard work?

We want to start or grow a business.

We understand that we are going to have to work long hours. We know that it is going to be hard. We are most likely going to have to give up some relaxation time with family and friends.

We know all that going in yet knowing and doing are completely different beasts.

Once we get into the thick of the work, things change dramatically. Before we know it we are burnt out, tired, exhausted, feeling overwhelmed, and wondering how we can go on.

Suddenly we’re questioning – isn’t there some sort of shortcut to success?

Surely we can get the results we want without all of this bloody hard work. Isn’t there some way we can get rich and famous without having to do Project A, B, and C?

We head off to Google to search for a shortcut. We search for a hack. We search for a way we can get around doing the actual work.

Then we realize there are no shortcuts.

Yes, there are tips for being more efficient and productive and for automating certain processes but that doesn’t stop the core work from needing to get done.

Many people simply don’t try because they know how much hard work will be involved or they give up once they understand how much work is required.

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Are we afraid of truly investing ourselves?

There is a point where we can half-invest ourselves, yet fail to take the final steps to truly commit.

This is odd really because the one thing we want to do is commit. We dreamed of committing. We dreamed of taking the plunge. Or that is at least what we’ve been telling ourselves!

Once we take the plunge, the water turns out to be a little murkier than we imagined.

We are scared of the unknown, the uncertainty. We know deep down if we commit ourselves 100% our life will change.

What if the change is for the worse, we secretly ask ourselves?

Best invest just enough to keep life sailing along the same. Don’t cause too many ripples in the water.

What if the change is for the better?What if it gives us everything we want? How could we possibly consider that a bad thing?

Sometimes change, the one thing we are craving can also be the thing that scares the hell out of us and holds us back from taking the plunge we need the most.

It’s like we’ve been big and brave and dived off the cliff, but decided to tread water for a while instead of climbing back up and diving off again.

Take the plunge.

Make the dive and work on Project A. Get the sucker out into the world. Then take the plunge again.

If self-doubt is holding you back, I highly recommend taking the How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence online course over at CreativeLive. This course is taught by the amazing Mel Robbins. I took this course earlier in the year and it was a game-changer for me.

You can read my review of the course and how it can benefit you in my review post.

Regardless of whether you are starting a new business, deciding whether to start a new relationship, or looking to change jobs, get comfortable with the work and commitment required.

Don’t be afraid to make a big splash. It might be hard work at times but it will be worth it!

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