After the success of my earlier post, 7 Ways to Simplify Your Life I thought it was time for a follow up post.

Here are 7 more ways to simplify your life.

7 More Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Be flexible

Let’s face it, life doesn’t always go the way we want it to!

One of the ways we can cope with life’s challenges is by being flexible. You will have a much simpler and less stressful life if you learn to go with the flow when required.

If you stick like cement to a life plan that has to look a certain way (no matter what), you are bound to be disappointed.  It probably won’t help your blood pressure either.

Being flexible isn’t just about coping when the obstacles hit, it’s about being able to change track when a great opportunity or thrilling adventure comes your way.

2. Be kind to yourself

Most of the time we are our own worst enemy. We talk down to ourselves, we beat ourselves up over every little mistake, we’re filled with self-doubt and we self-sabotage. Seriously who needs enemies, when we are quite capable of trashing ourselves?

We need to focus on being kinder to ourselves.

Be your own best friend.  You wouldn’t tell your best friend what a loser they are.  You wouldn’t tell them – don’t try anything new because they are bound to screw it up.

You wouldn’t speak that way to someone you loved, so show yourself the same respect.

Each and every single time you hear yourself being negative or self-sabotaging, stop yourself, ask yourself why you are being negative and replace that negative thought with a positive one.

3. Don’t try to change other people

People can change. There is no doubt about that. Yet they only change when they want to, not simply because you want them to and definitely not when they are being forced into doing something they don’t want to do.

Stop trying to change other people. It’s exhausting. It will drain all of your energy. It’s like slamming your head against a brick wall.

I know you have other projects, hopes and dreams you would rather be working on.

4. Don’t hold grudges

I’ve talked about this one on the blog before. It bears mentioning again because it is important.

I am not saying you need to forgive everyone for everything. In some cases, it will mean purging the person who hurt you from your life. If that is what it takes then do it, but purge the grudge-holding as well.

I have personally seen what holding grudges and holding onto hate and bitterness can do to people. It is not pretty. I assure you, you don’t want that sort of unhappiness in your life.

5. Focus on what you’ve got, not what you haven’t

We tend to focus on our wish list. The things we want, that we don’t already have. That might be a great partner, a bigger house or a better job. As you can imagine, the list could be endless.

Yet sometimes we fail to see what is right in front of us.

We fail to see the wonderful things and people we do have in our lives. The ones we might be – shock, horror – neglecting or overlooking in our race to get the things we want but don’t have.

Be grateful for the amazing things you already have in your life. Open your eyes and really see and appreciate them.

6. Don’t worry about things that have not happened

I don’t know too many people who are not guilty of worrying at some point. Some seem to worry to the extreme.

Naturally, if you are waiting for the results of an important medical test, you are bound to worry. You are bound to be nervous and apprehensive. That’s perfectly normal.

What you should avoid is worrying about things that have not happened and are most likely not going to happen.

Stop worrying about every tiny detail that in the big scheme of things doesn’t matter anyway.

Stop and think about it for a moment. How many things have you worried about that didn’t actually happen or matter all that much? If you really thought about it, I bet it would be a long list.  Your energy could be better used elsewhere.

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7. Laugh

Recently I wrote a post asking are you having enough fun? I realized I wrote it because I wasn’t having enough fun myself!

Consequently, I made an effort this week to be more social. I caught up with a good friend twice and had dinner and drinks with a friend I hadn’t seen in well over ten years. I laughed, I enjoyed myself and to be honest I feel a lot better.

I even had a little work breakthrough while I was socializing. Double win!

Make sure you laugh and have fun. Enjoying yourself in the moment is a key ingredient to having a simpler life.

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