Month: November 2011

Break Free from the Cubicle

Dreaming of breaking free from your cubicle? Here are some blogs that can help.

As regular Write Change Grow readers will know, I left my corporate job in February 2011. Since then I’ve gone back to work full-time for an employer several times. I’ve discovered that leaving your cubicle and staying out of the cubicle are two different things! At the moment, I’m back working for myself from home […]

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Know Your Own Pressure Points

The importance of understanding and controlling your pressure points.

Each of us has certain emotional pressure points. If one of these pressure points is triggered we may become upset, sad, or even angry. Naturally, a lot of people can share the same pressure point. Examples would be people who don’t like to see animals mistreated or people who defend the rights and protection of […]

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